Recommended Modifications

Written for:
12-year-old girl
Adopted from Russian orphanage at age 4.5
Learning/language delays
Mainstream class two years behind age group
Instructional aide
Preparing IEP for middle school
By Terri Mauro

• Reduce number of choices on multiple-choice tests. Skip or rewrite questions with ambiguous wording or trick answers.

• Allow essay tests to be either started (outlined/organized) or finished at home.

• Provide set of textbooks for home study.

• Furnish a weekly list of vocabulary words in appropriate subjects. These can be in the form of flashcards or a list. Share vocabulary list with speech therapist.

• Provide photocopied version of textbook pages with important material highlighted.

• Provide an outline of the main ideas and vocabulary words for each unit.

• Offer supplementary materials that coincide with the text at an easier readability level.

• Help student organize her ideas before writing with graphic organizer or outline.

• When working on classroom reports, allow student to use a fill-in-the-blank form.

• When writing research papers, assist student in the formulation of topic sentences.

• Send home detailed information on assignments so parents and tutor can provide appropriate assistance.

• Consider using techniques and materials appropriate for ESL students.

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