Reading List

Adoption Books for Kids

by Mary Robertson

[Editor's note: When Mary mentioned on an e-mail list for adoptive parents that she had a lengthy list of adoption-related books for children, I asked if she'd like to post it here. She graciously agreed, and as you can see, she wasn't kidding about it being long. Most of the books are available from, though some have limited availability, or they can be ordered through your local bookstore. Happy reading to children!]


A Family for Jamie: An Adoption Story
by Suzanne Bloom

A Koala for Katie: An Adoption Story
by Jonathan London

A Mother For Choco
by Keiko Kasza

An American Face 
by Jan M. Czech

Carolyn’s Story: A Book About an Adopted Girl
by Perry Schwartz

Cora and the Elephants 
by Lissa Kovetch

Downey, Pistachio, and Fanny:
The "I Love to Read" Collection
by Ann-Marie Chapouton

by Carol Carrick

Happy Adoption Day 
by John McCutcheon

by Holly Keller

Just the Way You Are 
by Max Lucado

My Real Family 
by Emily Arnold McCully

Our Baby From China: An Adoption Story
by Nancy D’Antonio

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale
by Karen Katz

Pablo’s Tree 
by Pat Mora

Paddington Bear 
by Michael Bond

Real Sisters 
by Susan Wright

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born 
by Jamie Lee Curtis

The Day We Met You 
by Phoebe Koehler

The Little Green Goose 
by Adele Sansone

This Is How We Become a Family: An Adoption Story 
by Wayne Willis

We Wanted You 
by Liz Rosenberg


by Jeannette Caines

A China Adoption Story 
by Frances Koh

Adoption: Good Answers to Tough Questions 
by Joy Berry

Adoption Is for Always 
by Linda Walvoord Girard

Adoption Stories for Young Children 
by Randall B. Hicks

Adventure at Lookout Farm 
by Naida E. Kirkpatrick

by Allen Say

Bad Boris and the New Kitten 
by Susie Jenkin-Pearce

Beginnings: How Families Came to Be 
by Virginia Kroll

Bobby the Mostly Silky 
by David McKelvey

Bonesy and Isabel 
by Michael Rosen

Chinese Eyes 
by Marjorie Waybill

Did My First Mother Love Me?: A Story for an Adopted Child 
by Kathryn Ann Miller

Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House 
by Faith Ringgold

by Natacha Karvoskaia

Emma’s Yucky Brother 
by Jean Little

Enid and the Homecoming 
by Cynthia Williams

Families Are Different 
by Nina Pellegrini

Go Home!: The True Story of James the Cat 
by Libby Phillips Meggs

Happy Adoption Day 
by John McCutcheon

Heart of Mine: A Story of Adoption 
by Dan Hojer

How I Was Adopted 
by Joanna Cole

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes 
by Rose Lewis

Let’s Talk About Adoption 
by Diana Helmer

Let’s Talk About It: Adoption 
by Fred Rogers

Lucy’s Feet 
by Stephanie Stein

Mommy Far, Mommy Near: An Adoption Story 
by Carol Antoinette Peacock

Nana’s Adoption Farm 
by Tryntje Horn

New Beginnings 
by Chaya Weinfeld

Pinky and Rex and the New Baby 
by James Howe

Susan and Gordon Adopt a Baby (Sesame Street)
by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss

Tall Boy’s Journey 
by Joanna Kraus

Tell Me a Real Adoption Story 
by Betty Lifton

The Adopted One: An Open Family Book
for Parents and Children Together 
by Sara Stein

The Diary of Mary Jemison 
by Mary Jemison

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies 
by Ann Turner

by V. M. Caldwell

Tim’s Friend Towser 
by Edward Ardizzone

Two Birthdays For Beth
by Gay Cronin

We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo 
by Linda Walvoord Girard

"Why Was I Adopted?"
by Carol Livingston

William Is My Brother 
by Jane Schnitter

Zachary’s New Home 
by Geraldine Blomquist


by Stephen Currie

Alice in April 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice in Lace 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice in Rapture Sort Of 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice in Between 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice on the Outside 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice the Brave 
by Phyllis Naylor

Alice by Accident 
by Phyllis Naylor

Angel’s Mother’s Boyfriend 
by Judy Delton

A Sudden Change of Family 
by Mary Jane Auch

Babe the Gallant Pig 
by Dick King Smith

Be My Baby 
by Gail Kinn

Boardwalk with Hotels 
by Claudia Mills

Boxcar Children Series 
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Bristle Face 
by Zachary Ball

Cindy’s Glory 
by Joanna Campbell

Claudia and the Great Search 
by Ann Martin

Coyote Autumn 
by Bill Wallace

Double Play at Short 
by Matt Christopher

Edgar Allen 
by John Neufeld

Family Secrets 
by Barbara Corcoran

Family Tree 
by Pierre Coran

Have You Seen Me? 
by Monica Hall

Hawk, I’m Your Brother 
by Byrd Baylor

Henry Huggins 
by Beverly Cleary

How It Feels to Be Adopted 
by Jill Krementz

I’m Going to Meet My Mother 
by Megan Howard

I.D. (Watchers #3) 
by Peter Lerangis

If It Hadn’t Been for Yoon Jun 
by Marie Lee

It’s So Amazing
by Robie Harris

Jewel: Pieces of a Dream 
by Kristen Kemp

Lone Star
by Barbara Barrie

Man and Mustang 
by George Ancona

Marathon Miranda 
by Elizabeth Winthrop

Me and My Name
by Mary Jane Miller

Missing Sisters
by Gregory Maguire

Mop, Moondance and Nagasaki Knight
by Walter Dean Myers

Most Wanted
by Jordan Cray

Mother, Help Me Live
by Lurlene McDaniel

Mystery at Witch Creek
by Mary Crawford

Night Journeys 
by Avi

Old Cat and the Kitten 
by Mary Little

Only the Best 
by Bev Lewis

Orphan Train Series 
by Joan Lowery Nixon

Rain Forest Girl: More than an Adoption Story 
by Chalise Miner

by Alane Ferguson

Stuart Little 
by E. B. White

The Broccoli Tapes 
by Jan Slepian

The Family Under the Bridge 
by Natalie Carlson

The Mulberry Bird 
by Anne Brodzinsky

The Second Choices 
by Shirley Brinkerhoff

The Secret Language of the Sb 
by Elizabeth Scarboro

The Snake Stone 
by Berlie Doherty

Tuck Triumphant 
by Theodore Taylor

Tucket’s Gold 
by Gary Paulsen

Turns on a Dime 
by Julie Lawson

We Don’t Look Like Our Mom and Dad 
by Harriet Sobol

What My Sister Remembered 
by Marilyn Sachs

Youn Hee and Me 
by C. S. Adler


About David 
by Susan Pfeffer

by Gerri Glotzbach

Aggie’s Home 
by Joan Lowery Nixon

A Kindness 
by Cynthia Rylant

April and May 
by Jane Peart

A Special Kind of Love 
by Judy Baer

Don’t Think Twice 
by Ruth Pennebaker

Emerald’s Desire 
by Paula Lee

Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye 
by Lois Lowry

by Jan Dean

by Cat Bauer

by Angela Johnson

I See the Moon 
by C. B. Christiansen

Most Precious Blood 
by Susan Pfeffer

No Turning Back 
by Judy Baer

by William Sleator

by Kathie Nichols

Someone to Love 
by Francess Lantz

Something Old, Something New 
by Judy Baer

The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I 
Decided to Get Pregnant 
by Dan Savage

There’s no Place Like Home 
by A. G. Cascone

Who Am I?: And Other Questions of Adopted Kids 
by Charlene Giannetti

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